Aug 1, 2018

The PSP Chronicles Volume 1 published. Work on the manuscript for Volume 2 is well under way.

Aug 10, 2018

Cure PSP Inc. – A book about living with PSP, by a man with PSP, Tim Brown, is now available for sale. Tim has been an avid blogger since being diagnosed, and is chronicling his travails with the disease. Tim has generously offered to donate a portion of book sales to Cure PSP, in order to support more patients, families, and research treatments and cure. Check out the book at: For more information

Aug 31, 2018

PSPA – A book about living with PSP, The PSP Chronicles, by Tim Brown, is available for sale. Tim has been an avid blogger since being diagnosed with PSP. Tim has generously offered to donate a portion of book sales to PSPA to help support others affected and fund vital research.

Tim said: “I’m often trying to conceive new fundraising ideas and goals to heighten PSP awareness and support. Since I already wrote a blog of the same name – The PSP Chronicles, I decided a book would be the next logical step. This would allow me to reach a broader readership beyond the PSP community and help to realize my goals, and most importantly… keeping HOPE alive. It’s imperative that research finds, at the very least, a treatment leading to a cure for this wretched disease.

Sept 15, 2018
Today I launched a fundraiser I created, called The PSP Triple Crown #ThePSPTripleCrown. You can view the video on my Facebook page The PSP Chronicles Tim Brown – Author, or visit Drop by and take the challenge. Please share with your friends and their friends and so on. Don’t forget to post your videos.
Oct 12,2018
Today I created a new Facebook Group page and another fundraiser called One Shared Goal > Cure. To reach a broader audience I’ve included Parkinson’s groups as well as PSP, CBD, MSA and FTD. It is as much as an awareness campaign as it is a fundraiser. It is essentially an initiative that will put faces and names to these terrible diseases. You can click on the link to take to the group  page.

Christmas Gifts That Keep On Giving

Dec 21, 2018

If you’ve already purchased or are considering buying either one, or both of these books please consider leaving a review.

Book reviews are incredibly important – it’s how readers choose what to buy and it helps the book gain traction on Amazon, amongst all of the other books available for purchase. Amazon reviews carry weight.

Statistics show that authors need to aim for a minimum of 50 Amazon reviews to earn traction. Amazon reviews are by far the single most critical way to boost potential book sales online.

The more people who review a book, the higher that title climbs in Amazon’s algorithm, meaning more people will actually see the book. That could potentially mean more sales – more sales mean more support to the PSPA and Cure PSP towards treatment-cure. ‘Tis the season for giving, why not give the gift(s) that keep on giving.