Just in time for the Holidays. eBook edition is now available on Amazon. The paperback will be a little while longer after the print-ready files are processed. Be sure to have read Volume I, the story picks up where it ended.

The pond clean involves a load of work but the best part of it; I finished it without knocking over the stacked rocks that formed up the waterfall.

I plugged in the pump. Nothing—nada. Checked the GFI outlet—working… hmm? I checked the electrical connection from the pump to the buried conduit and the outdoor extension cord. Still no issue with the connection, I discover a split in the cord at the rear of the pond behind the waterfall.
I can’t tell if the rocks enclosing the cord damaged it. It’s difficult to see without moving the stones. A voice inside my head said; No bloody way, my back concurred. My best conclusion is a critter has gnawed through it. The likes of the unidentifiable carcass I found at the bottom of the pond.

It took me two hours to clean and refill the pond. There is a time constraint the pump won’t be working today. Trish has called me in for lunch and reminded me not to forget to take my meds. I can’t go any further, I’ll get washed.

First, I need to get up off my knees. I’ve been on them for two hours. After a few grunting and groaning attempts, I got up off the ground. I look and feel like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. I washed up and had lunch.

Getting up after my nap is difficult too. The same little voice who spoke to me earlier said; That’s why you have bed rails. Great! The little voice is a wise ass. I don’t need to listen to its shit, Trish is sure to give me an earful. Did you over-do it? No, well yes… whatever. After I got out of bed, I took one of those showers you never want to end. It’s safer and more convenient for me to use a shower chair – I can’t stand, instead I sit watching the muck, grime, my misery and pains swirl down the drain.

THI got up early the next day to give myself enough time to repair the pump’s extension cord. The fix is complete it’s time to plug it in. Yea… it works. It’s nice to hear the soothing sound of the waterfall. One minor problem though, the running water has made me want to pee. I hope I can make it to the house. If not, I have my Depends shield – my leaking bladder fail-safe. If need be, and if it works well enough, I’ll consider writing a testimonial to its absorbency. Good news, I made it to the bathroom. Bad news, I won’t be the Depends poster boy. I’m sure more opportunities will be available in the future.

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