Zootopia was an animated movie by Disney featuring all animal characters, more of a family film, especially for the grandkids. During the movie, there was a scene Trish and I particularly enjoyed and identified with. The two main characters go into the DMV (our equivalent to MTO) to get some information. Most everyone with a driver’s license knew how slow the lines could be at the DMV/MTO. The DMV in the movie, was entirely staffed by sloths – the world’s slowest mammal. If you saw the movie, you could appreciate the characterization. This was worth mentioning because my movements now (along with my thought process and speech) resembled those of a sloth. That would be my new moniker – Sloth. This would be called the Year of the Sloth – on my calendar anyways. Most of the time now, I moved so slow I could meet myself going backwards. I was going to bed, if I was lucky I’d make it there by morning.

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