This was the view today in my sanctuary during my time of prayer and reflection – peaceful… serene.

These, are troubling and tumultuous times we are living in. Death, destruction, corruption, partisan politics, misguided and fake leadership. Real climate change, greed, intolerance, hostile governments looking to assault and interfere with established democracies. Lets’ not forget the continuing cyber threats too. All these and more, exacerbate an already volatile environment. As I looked around, and wrestled with and prayed on these issues, it became abundantly clear to me… literally and figuratively – we need to get back to the basics. The picture speaks for itself.

It has been a very busy summer. I published my first book – The PSP Chronicles, sounds strangely familiar. This took a great deal of effort on my part, trying to remain focused on the book and keep my project secret as a surprise for Trish and everyone else. The dystonia in my legs made the project and the work in the yard more challenging than ever before, but I persevered and pushed through it. The Biogen clinical drug trial is going well enough, I think its too early to gage results, but I’m happy to report there have been no negative side effects with anyone participating in the trial.  Many of you know by reading the blog how easy it is for me to shift tense in writing. That’s the nature of the beast called “dementia”. Sometimes I’m lost in space, and sometimes my past is my present, my present is my past and yes… my present can be just that – present.

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